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Sound Diffusion




The new stereo sound system lets you choose and control the sound playing it in several rooms at the same time with high sound quality.


The system technology uses amplifiers and loudspeakers perfectly integrated in the electrical system which allow you to listen both to an external sound source, like a Hi-Fi system, and an internal source, like the integrated FM radio


Thanks to its complete range and its many functions it is the ideal solution for applications which range from the residential to the service sector. The performance, possibility of extending the system and


Its sound quality mean that it can be used in both the classical home environment and in service rooms such as doctors’ or dentists’ surgeries, shops, cafes, restaurants and supermarkets.


  A complete range for all needs

Flush-mounted, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted loudspeakers solve every installation need in both the residential and service sectors. Complete control of the sound source from every room: for example the stereo can be switched on or off, CD track changed or your favourite radio station chosen from any control point.


The new sound system can be commanded either via TOUCH SCREEN, or by fl ush-mounted controls which fi t in perfectly with the AXOLUTE LIVING INTERNATIONAL, LIGHT and LIGHT TECH lines and with radio remote control.




  A complete SYSTEM

The components to make the sound system can be divided into the following families:






Sound Sources

HC4560 RCA fl ush-mounting input – 2 AXOLUTE modules – for controlling a

HS4560 stereo source


device for controlling stereo sources set with infrared remote

control – possibility of controlling the source via the amplifiers or

special commands – 4 DIN modules – complete with RCA/RCA cable

and cable with jack for connecting the IR transmitter

F500COAX RDS stereo radio tuner with coaxial connector for external aerial

– 4 DIN modules – complete with depth compensator for DIN rail


F500 RDS stereo radio tuner – 4 DIN modules – complete with depth

compensator for DIN rail

3495 source isolator for stereo sources class I - with two couples female

connectors RCA where to “IN” connecting the stereo sources

(stereo systems, CD players or “OUT” audio PC) and to “OUT”

connect the RCA input or device for controlling stereo - is possible

connecting the stereo sources class II (when there are two or more

stereo sources class II)


F502 amplifier 4 DIN mod.

H4562 flush mounting amplifier



H4687 VIDEO TOUCH SCREEN with 15” monitor including MHVISUAL software,

to be combined with the WEB SERVER for the management of all MY

HOME applications: sound system, automation, temperature control,

burglar alarm and cameras – fl ush-mounted in F215/24S boxes

H4684 colour touch screen


H4651M2 special control for managing the amplifi ers to be completed with the lightable button-covers for switching devices on and off, volume control, source changing and programmed radio station changing for 2 modules


HC4911AF lightable button-cover ON-OFF-GEN

HC4911AI lightable button-cover ON-OFF-adjustment

HC4911BE lightable button-cover, treble clef

HC4911BF lightable button-cover, sound system functions



  Loud Speakers

HC4565 loudspeaker 16 ohm for box 506E - 12W



H4570 AXOLUTE flush-mounting loud speakers 8 ohms for MULTIBOX boxes

item 16104 - 100W

L4566 ceiling-mounted loudspeaker 8 ohms - 100W


L4566/10 ceiling-mounted loudspeaker 8 ohms - 10 cm diameter - 100W

L4567 wall-mounted loudspeaker 8 ohms - 40W

L4568 false ceiling panel for false ceiling installation - RSW - white - 50W

- 8 ohm loudspeaker with dimensions equal to a 60x60 cm

L4569 loudspeaker from outside - 8 ohms - 70W



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