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  Luna Range

Luna Range | Matix Range | Living Light-Lightech | Axolute Range


Shunting Protection
Cover Plates
Technical Features


  Item Description

C4113 socket 10A Italian standard

C4180 socket 2P+E 10/16A Italian standard

C4122ET socket Egyptian standard no safety shutters

C4125 socket Euro-American standard with safety shutters

C4125S socket Euro-American standard no safety shutters

C4140 Schuko socket P30 2P + central E

C4140/16 Schuko socket 10/16A

C4183 2 module socket 2P+E 10/16A

C4141 Schuko socket 16A 2P+E

C4291 mignon socket 2P 6A 24V a.c. (Selv) to screw

C4142 socket 2P+E French standard

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