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Indoor and Outdoor Copper Telecom Cables

3.1 Telephone Cable - PVC Insulated Multipairs 

IEC - 189 & TC-113
Solid, plain / tinned copper
PVC rated 70C as per IEC 189.2
Cores are twisted into pairs and pairs twisted together to form a cable core
Polyvinylchloride as per IEC 189-2 and rip cord is provided under the sheath for easy stripping
Temperature rating:
+5C to + 50C during operati


The cable is used for Indoor installation and interconnection of Transmission, Telephone, Telegraph and Electronic equipment.


3.2 Foil Screened Twisted Pairs (STP)Data Cable - Category 5e

3.3 Unscreened Twisted Pairs (UTP) Data Cable - Category 5e

3.4 Unscreened Twisted Pairs (UTP) Data Cable - Category 6

3.5 Coaxial Cables MATV Cables

3.6 Coaxial Cables RG Cables



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